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Keywords Max 3/1 URL Max 6/ 2 URLs Max 9 / 3 URLs
PR Range 1-3 1-5 1-6
Homepage contextual links 30 45 60
Contextual Links 200 300 500
Report Yes Yes Yes
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The importance of inbound backlinks/link building

After optimizing your web page you need to shift your attention to the major factor that will make you rank: incoming links and link popularity – this includes many types of link building techniques such as contextual backlinks, high pr backlinks, social bookmarks, etc.

In order to achieve good rankings within the search engines is not enough sufficient just to optimize your page, you also need to have good popularity in terms of quantitative and especially qualitative inbound links. Inbound links are link to your web sites from other websites. Inbound links are an indispensable to have a good positioning of your web


The popularity of a website is determined by two factors:

• Quantity Factor

The greater the number of links that link to your site, the more it is popularity on

the Internet;

• Qualitative Factor

Having quality links is vital, and much more important than the number of links that point to your site. When we talk about quality links we means links from sites with a high popularity; the quality of the link is greater when there is a certain affinity of content between your site and the linking site.Today the criteria of popularity is an important factor within many search engines (especially Google), based on the principle according to which the information contained in popular sites are of higher quality and therefore more likely to meet users’ searches. If a site is linked to many sites, by “important” sites that means this site it is a reliable source, thus a quality site. It is a kind of voting system within the democracy of the net! However, popularity is not a perfect way of indexing.

The new pages, in fact, will struggle at the beginning to appear among the first results as the free (or almost) of incoming links. What we described above is, in essence, to the basic mechanism to ranking a page: the Google PagePank or, more simply, PR. The PR is a numeric value (ranging from 0 to 10) that Google assigns to each page present in its archive; the higher the PR of a page and the greater the importance. To know the PR of a page you need to install the Google Toolbar on your browser, and run it on your website.

Link popularity now occupies a very important factor in ranking. Here are some simple tips for increasing your popularity on the Internet:

• If you decide to exchange links, keep it to a minimal and to related sites or

sites you would recommend;

• better a text link than a banner. If you use a banner, it is important to correctly

set the alt attribute of the image;

• The link must be with direct link and never filtered tracking URLs;

• If the link is marked with the rel = “nofollow” attribute it will not give you any


• It is important to be get links from popular sites, even better if substantively

similar to yours;

• Avoid the unknown or bad reputation sites;