2018 Best CPC and CPM Ad Network for Publishers

AdsTargets has recently risen to be the best CPC and CPM Ad Network for Publishers across the globe. The PPC Ad Network servers Banner Ads, Text Ads, Interstitial Ads and In-App Ads for publishers willing to monetize their websites, Blogs, and Android App to increase their income. If you are like most Bloggers or Webmasters who are constantly looking for ways to monetize your Blog or website, today might be your lucky day for landing on this page. AdsTargets is currently one of the best Ad Network for Publishers and Advertisers.

AdsTargets created to serve bloggers with small traffic that often times are rejected by many Ad Networks but soon became a global Ad Network for publishers (webmasters and bloggers) across the world. They do not have strict rules as far as your content is clean. see requirements for publishers below.

AdsTargets Ad Network

AdsTargets Ad Network for Publishers Review

AdsTargets for advertisers is a hassle free system that automatically optimizes Advertisers Ads to reach only the right people. this system works so well for start-ups helping them take their business to the next level. BECOME ADSTARGETS ADVERTISER AND START SELLING MORE!

What makes AdsTargets stands out of many other Ad Networks is its ability to serve high paying CPC and CPM Ads that make Publishers the most money. Apart from that, they allow daily withdrawals with a minimum threshold of $15 Dollars which makes publishers not only satisfied but encourage their fast and better growth online and focusing on creating better quality content on their websites and Blogs.

AdsTarget Publisher registrationAdsTargets Publisher Registration

Watch AdsTargets video for more insight


AdsTargets Payments Methods

Adstargets care for ease and fast access of Publishers and Advertisers and have chosen to use few secured payments methods which are as follows.

  • Wire Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Payza

AdsTargets Payment Proof

AdsTargets made payments very fast and easy for Publishers and here are few selected reviews and Proofs from other Publishers

AdsTargets Review

AdsTargets Publisher Requirements

  • No traffic requirement to join as far as you have clean content.
  • Generating fake traffic for the sake of approval or to make money afterward is strictly prohibited. You will be banned soon after it comes in the company’s knowledge.
  • Hate material, illegal or adult content is not allowed. Please refer publisher terms and Condition

AdsTargets Publisher Restrictions

  • Fake Traffic is not allowed.
  • Traffic exchange programs or using bots to generate hits are not allowed.
  • Adultery, illegal content or drug related sites are not allowed. Please refer publisher terms and Condition

Here are some Advertiser Requirements discussed below.

AdsTargets Advertiser Requirements

  • Minimum Deposit of $35.
  • AdsTargets Advertiser Restrictions

      • Illegal products are not allowed.
      • Hate speech or racist material are not allow
      • Adultery, illegal content or drug related sites are not allowed. Please refer publisher terms and Condition

AdsTargets Ad Types

The following are the type of Ads served by AdsTargets. Advertisers will be able to advertiser using these Ads type and Publishers will as well monetize with these Ads type

  1. Interstitial Ads ( Full screen Ads)

Adstargets interstitial Ads

2. Banner Ads (All banner sizes)

Adstargets Banner Ads3. Text Ads (All size and formats)

AdsTargets Text Ads

4. Mobile Apps (Mobile and In-App Ads)

Mobelie Ads

Support & Customer Services

Adstargets is one of the best Ad Networks regarding support and customer service. Without a doubt, Adstargets needs appreciation in this regard. They offer 24×7 round-the-clock support and provides a dedicated personal account manager to every publisher. You can access their support team whenever you want and whatever the problem is, Adstargets team is always there to help you out.

Their main support channels are:

  1. Facebook messenger
  2. Skype For Instant contact
  3. Email Support Team


Ad the demand for online advertising grows and publishers are also constantly looking for ways to monetize their traffic, Adstargets is one of the best Ad network you can always rely on for your Banner Ads, Text Ads, Interstitial Ads and In-App Ads. do not let your hard work go in vain and use your content to create a steady stream of income by monetizing with AdsTargets. they do accept all traffic destinations but at the same time have zero tolerance on fraud and you could be easily banned. Their roboust security system is to protect their Advertisers and Publishers interest as well as their reputation.


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