9 Ways to effectively increase Facebook Photos Engagement

increase facebook photos engagement

Learn 9 effective ways to increase Facebook Photos engagement and boost your Facebook likes, shares and followers on your fan-page

You might think Facebook photos are just there to add some look to your post but the reality is far from that. Facebook photos have so many advantages and they give you a lot of opportunities to get your audience engaged, connect with more with your customers and build a better brand. Your Facebook photos evoke strong emotions because they have a particular way of stimulating your audience in a more visual cortex. This is one of the reasons why Photos are part of almost every Social Media and SEO campaign. Getting feedback from your audience on Facebook or other social media platforms tells a lot and give you some satisfaction on your hard-work. The good news is that, you are going to learn very effective ways of getting your audience engage more with your Facebook photos what will result to more Facebook likes, share and comments to improve your online visibility and customer engagement.

1. Ask your audience for Likes

Simply find a polite way of asking your audience for likes. This will motivate them to click that thumb up which will increase your likes which says your photo is great. If they go as far as sharing your Facebook photo that would worth above a hundred-dollar bill. This is simply saying they appreciate your hard work and that would increase facebook photos engagement

2. Use comic captions to increase Facebook photos engagement

Try to make your audience smile and feel a bit happy seen your photo, the emotions your photos bring to your audience seen your photos are very important. This will draw them closer to paying more attention to your photo. Some companies are really good at this.

3. Create a Caption contest

Sometimes you may not have the right caption for your Facebook photo or simply run out of good caption ideas. In this case, ask your audience for a caption and then select from the best or the one you think suit the photo. After that, you can reward the winner with some gift cards, coupons or some product sample.

4. Offer Some coupons

You could make some announcement on your photo post which offers coupons to the first ten people that comment on your Facebook photo post. This will make your photo viral and will tremendously increase your audience base and business exposure.

5. Fully get involved with your Post

When your customers or audience leave comments on your photo post, make sure you reply all the comments even though your words won’t be much. This create a connection and tells the commenter that he or she is dealing with a real person that takes their comments seriously. Your audience or customers want to know their voice is heard and taken into consideration.

6. Get your Audience too involved

Create some activities that will get your audience involved such like asking for their opinions or asking them to fill in some blanks play some fun games. Create activities that brings back childhood memories that will push them to comment and share your photo post. Think creatively and get them involve in any way possible.

7. Reference your Post to current events

You can simply create photos to relate to current events like celebrity’s or presidential events that are most talked about or simply trading on social media. Make sure you relate them in a way with your brand or products. This will draw their attention and makes them want to participate more and eventually look up to your products too.

8. Ask your audience questions

Questions are great way of getting your audience attention and engaged with your Facebook photo post. Ask them to share their insight about your products or even the entire brand. You can also take advantage of festive seasons and ask them to share their stories and make sure your products or brand is in a way related to those questions.

9. Try to be just more than a photo post

Your audience consider your Facebook page as a place in a cyberspace and also look at internet as a machine connection. But when it comes to business, they want to feel they are dealing with humans and want you to behave as such not just the internet page in front of them. Your photos are simply a part of image the audience wants to see.


As far as you try to engage your audience in some ways, your audience will listen and connect with your business. Eventually, that’s what you may want to see happened, but also your business has to be a party that stretch out the hand of friendship to your audience. Try to encourage them to connect with the brand, when you finally get them engaged and connected. Your business will go viral and your Facebook photos as well.

If you know other ways to increase Facebook photos engagement and what to share with everyone, please do so in the comment section.

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